for the musicals ask meme, do Les Mis, Wicked, and Phantom of the Opera~

i did the first two but!! 

Phantom of the Opera

Opinion on it:

tbh i???? idk i went through a while where i really like it but it’s just ok [i think personally i oop]

Favorite song:

maybe all i ask of you idk

Favorite scene:

the final lair chills this is actually my fave song i guess but it’s more of a scene so

Dream Role:

carlotta lmao

I'll be unoriginal and say Les Miserables (and Wicked!)

Les Mis

Opinion on it:

do i even have to

no i will say tbh although its my fave its v v long and sometimes a bit 

idk it’s an effort 

Favorite song:

one day more!

Favorite scene: 

'i didn't see you there, forgive me….' [hides face in hands for one million years c': ] or red and black maybe

Dream Role:

for real maybe jvj he got some fab songs 

no marius 

either jvj or marius


Opinion on it:

i saw it once a few years ago and tbh i really really enjoyed it!! i had let myself be dismissive of it in that shitty arrogant ‘this is too popular’ way but it was fab

Favorite song:

defying gravity is a good song gdi, also for good i cry always

Favorite scene:

the green elixir bit at the start or 

'a man's called a traitor, or liberator, a rich man's a thief or philanthropist! is one a crusader, or ruthless invader? it's all in which label is able to persist! there are precious few at ease with moral ambiguities, so we act as though they don't exist!' 

like how raw is that for real

Dream Role:

elphaba bc then i would be a good belter but fiyero tho

Send me a musical and I’ll tell you

Opinion on it:
Favorite song:
Favorite scene:
Dream Role:

one of my favourite things about les mis is how is respectfully preserves history and how that even survived into the 2012 film 

in 1832 a now-unknown and anonymous student grabbed a red flag and ran into lamarque’s funeral procession to stop everything 

but millions of people watched the movie and saw a character they cared about gather his breath and steel himself and grab the flag and do what he had built himself up to do and they all felt the same adrenaline and the same strength and the same purpose as that one student who would have been forgotten otherwise 

and art and literature are wonderfully strong things and they inspire and they survive and they’re accessible, if you have a story to tell you can tell it 

stories, even if they’re fictionalised, are so so important and your stories are always yours to tell

oh i am ready to go tonight idk what is with me i am just

ready come at me

floretesdecolors replied to your post: these kids annoy me sometimes but they…

are they going to make you sing about stars?

unfortunately not

u all need to go back and read ur hauteville house quote for real

these kids annoy me sometimes but they did cast me as the police officer in the movie they’re making tomorrow so 

step aside


If you even so much as suspect someone who identifies as bisexual is lying or doing for attention you are a bigot, you are contributing to bierasure, you have internalised prejudices you need to deal with.

You hear “I’m bisexual” and think “liar” regardless of that person’s behaviour or what they say, if you hear “bisexual” and think “liar” then that is your problem. Not our problem, your problem. Your bigotry, your ignorance, your fucking problem.

when i was like 4/5 i took my fishes out of the tank and stroked them and they died so i put them back into the tank and my grandfather still doesn’t know how they died i guess that’s just life really
—Marius Pontmercy, Book III (via incorrectlesmisquotes)
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dear gays


if jesus was here,right now what would he say? well He would probably say “why do i look so white in all these paintings” but,


this is my favourite vine tbh